I have a huge surprise for you! I have never done this before and I am so excited to finally offer it to you. 

How would you feel about the opportunity to work with me for almost 1/2 the price!

I can't believe I am doing this but I believe in this program more than anything that I have done in my joke. This 12 week program saved my life on so many levels and I am excited to be able to work with you personally through it. 

When I first started my Awakening journey 3 years ago it felt so lonely and confusing. I had no support and no resources to guide me through the process. There were days that I felt hopeless and scared. I felt like the whole world was crumbling in on me and I didn't know how to get out. 

My business at the time was failing big time! I mean I didn't have any money, in fact I had to have my mom help me and my 2 boys until I could get on my feet. It was such a shameful time. I felt embarrassed and like a failure. How could I let my boys down like this and at 37 years old depend on my mom again. It was a dark time. 

I had no belief in myself, I didn't think I was worthy and I kept playing the same tape in my head the it "was to hard."

I was desperate to stop feeling the pain. My heart hurt, my body hurt, everything hurt. I started searching again for something different than I had done in the past. I was a serial course taker, always with the hopes that THIS one would teach me what I needed to know and it just spun me into more circles. I could tell you how to hack any funnel, build a website, create anything online but I could not make it work for me! 

There was something huge missing from these programs. Something that I believe EVERY human on the planet should be required to do in school. 

The "WORK" Reprogramming your subconscious mind and healing your trauma. 

No one teaches this! But this is the most important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur! We can not become what we truly desire in life if we are still living with our limited belief system. 

Our limited belief system is created by trauma, usually as a young child. It is where we decide that we "aren't worthy" "not smart enough" "too loud" "unworthy of love" "that life is unfair" and so on.

Have you ever felt this in your life? It is programmed in you at the subconscious level and dictating who are in this moment. Good and bad. Our thoughts and our belief system is what creates our reality. So for every thought that you have about yourself not being good enough that is what the Universe is going to give you. If you believe "life is hard" guess what it's going to be hard.

Business mastery is SPIRITUAL MASTERY!

So in the work that I do I help you to shift your identity back to the I AM. Back to your TRUE identity, who you are a soul level. We will work through trauma, identity, belief system, your money story and creating a new one. 

The power is already in you to create the life you truly desire you just have shift your beliefs and heal from the inside so it projects on the outside.

As Within so Without

I have now been working in Soulciete for 2 years and it has become my life and my mission to bring TRUTH to the world. I have completely dedicated my life and business to this mission and it has completely changed my life. 

I am now a 10k a month earner, I live in the neighborhood that I prayed to be in for the last 4 years, my kids are in private school and I am more at peace and more aligned to truth than I ever have been in my life! 

And I want the same for you. So here is what I am offering...

When you join Soulciete in the Leadership Program or in the Spiritual Coaching Certification Program I will offer you...

-12 group calls with me personally 

-TWO 1:1 calls within the 12 weeks

-Access to me through messenger for the 12 weeks for guidance

This is on top of the 12 calls you get per month with Dr Erin and the most incredible community. 

WHAT!!! This is huge. I have never offered my time like this before but I believe in Soulciete and Dr Erin and I believe that the time is NOW for you to claim your birthright of prosperity. 

It is normally $5000 to work with me personally for 12 weeks but I am offering you to work with me  in group and to become a certified Spiritual Coach for $5000 and putting my 1:1 twelve week program at $3000 so you are getting $2000 dollars off of working with me 1:1! But why wouldn't you also want to get certified...just sayin lol.

I will help guide you to gain absolute clarity on what your purpose is on this earth, get you committed to your dreams and help you monetize as a Spiritual Entrepreneur! 

So how committed are you to your dreams? Are you ready to take your power back and start living in TRUTH? 

It's time NOW! not tomorrow, not next Monday, not January 1st but NOW! 

Are you ready!!! Let's do this and start impacting the world like I know you desire to do. 

So here's how it will work...

 This offer is only available until Dec 31st and then you will loose this bonus of working with me, but you can still join Soulciete. 

You must message me and let me know that you have enrolled using the links below or you may message me personally and set up a time to talk more in depth. 

I will begin the calls the week of the 4th and will send you an email with more information. 

Then we will meet once a week in a small group separate from the weekly Soulciete calls and break down what you are learning and go deeper into anything that may be coming up for you. It will be a sacred circle of women who are committed to their dreams and ready to step fully in. We Rise Together. 

I can't wait to see you in the community.

Please come over and join us in the free Facebook community as well. 



Be a Part of a Spiritual Community Like You Have Never Seen Before!


Are you ready to discover your purpose?
Are you ready to birth your truth?
Are you ready to have relationships that thrive? 

Are you ready to create the legacy you desire to the world?
Are you sick of being overwhelmed, trying to do it on your own?
Are you ready to stop getting by and start living your best life?

The only thing standing between you and your dreams is….
I'm so excited to connect with you inside!

Join the #1 Spiritual Community


Level 1


Spiritual and Business Mastery

12-Week Step-By-Step LIVE Program To Launch & Scale Your Soul-Based Business Online. Includes Both Spiritual & Business Mastery!


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300 Hour  Spiritual Coach & Business Coach Certification Program. Includes all three levels. Launch Your New Career Today!


Level 3


360 Hour Certification & Licence in New Thought Ancient Wisdom.





"I didn't even know what I needed until Nicolle showed me. My sugar addiction consumed me and I always had trouble shaking it. When Nicolle did the E4 trauma method with me EVERY SINGLE damn thing SHIFTED. I was shown the source of my habits and I saw why I was destroying myself subconsciously. She didn't have to go the extra mile and carve out time for me to help me one-on-one like she did. It spotlights many wonderful things about her character. I am now going on almost a month of no longer abusing sugar and taking care of myself more. It was really truly a blessing to have had her care about my struggle enough to work through it with me"



"Nicolle gave me an e4 Trauma Healing session and I was truly blown away. Upon entering the session I was already feeling a bit vulnerable and Nicolle was incredibly gentle with me, expertly guiding me into my traumatic memory and through to the other side of Freedom. I will say, I was a teary-eyed woman and yet felt so much loving compassion from Nicolle, she made me feel safe enough to really let go of all the pain of the past. For me, I was holding on to a memory of my parents telling me I couldn't be a model or artist, there was there no money or time to follow that dream of mine.. It's plagued me from committing to my dream of being a full time artist. Since the session - I've gotten two modeling gigs that paid well and I know that they will keep on coming! I'm also launching my second eBook and feel so ready to share all the rich content I create with the world in a powerful, impactful, and inspiring way. Nicolle is a kind woman whom I highly recommend as a guide on your path towards personal liberation, freedom, and expression. Thank you, Nicolle, for supporting me as I walk down the path of full healing and integration so I can live my truth boldly! With Love, Hannah Marie Muse "

Thank you angel! Would love to set something up next week! 

all the best,



5 Stars All the way! Nicole is so kind and compassionate as she holds space without judgment. She has a heart of gold and a clear intention for helping others reach their potential and personal mastery in this life. She is motivated by your success. I’m so blessed to have met this angel and I look forward to continuing our healing work together.

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