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It's time to start living a life of Pure Potential!


Starts July 5th-Aug 30th 2021

40 days of lessons

in TRUTH and Universal Law

We will be using the book Awakening by Dr Erin as our guide to dive deep into what it means to be Awakened and to live a life of Pure Potential and Prosperity. 

Have you had a feeling inside of you that feels like you are desiring more out of life? Maybe there is a pull to release relationships that no longer serve you or you are noticing synchronicity all around you. 

Whatever feeling you are having of expansion may be the beginning stages of your Awakening. 

It can be a lonely, dark, scary time but also one of the most amazing Divine moments in life that you will ever go through. 

An Awakening can be in a moment like lightening bolt or it may be over several years of peeling back the layers. It can happen once or you can have many throughout a lifetime. But where ever you are on your journey, I want to support you. 

There are hundreds of women within the community who have taken the leap and DECIDED that it's time. It's time for all of us, especially as women, to fully step in and take our power back, get back to the I AM, have absolute clarity and claim our birthright of prosperity. 

So come join me and the other amazing women for this 40 day Awakening masterclass and cultivate deep relationships with other women and with yourself.

This is the year of Awakening to TRUTH, purpose, love, prosperity and Universal Law!

When you register you will be invited into our exclusive Facebook community, you will get a membership site where I will upload each days teachings, once a week Zoom call with me and the community and the gift of birthing your purpose. 

Are you ready? Let's do this. 

See you in the community. 


Nicolle Star

Join us for this 40 Day Journey to Awakening and living a life you love!