Meet Nicolle

Certified E4 Trauma Healer and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner 

I have been on a spiritual path most of my life as I witnessed my mom go through her own Awakening as we sat together in ceremony. 

Throughout my teens and twenties I played in the the spiritual realm but I never committed to anything. I knew I was fascinated by the teachings but didn't know at the time how to apply them to my life. 

Until in 2017 when I went through a divorce that rocked me to my core. It was truly my darkest hours to be in a 11 year marriage with an addict and to feel as though I was also sick. 

 At that moment I started seeking TRUTH and became obsessed on my journey to birthing my purpose and calling and to heal my own wounds.

That's when I found New Thought Global/Soulciete! The teachings and healing I did in this community and with Dr Erin saved my life.

Now I'am a Spiritual Coach and Practitioner, headed for Dr of Divinity. I help women to birth their purpose and calling, live on spiritual principle and live their truth. 

My mission has always been to Awaken the Sleeping Woman and now I am on my journey to doing just that. 

xoxo 💗