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Awaken to Your Purpose Group Coaching Call 

Join me this summer for the Awaken to Your Purpose FREE group coaching call 

Summertime can often be the time where we throw caution to the wind with all of the summer activities, children being home, and the sun calling us to be outside we can forget about all of the personal work we did during the winter months .

I find that many people take the summer months "off" from being an entrepreneur and personal growth. We tend to get caught up in the fun and sun and then find ourselves triggered and fried by the time Fall comes and kids are ready to go back to school. This means we have to restart the work and go back in and reprogram all of the same trauma we worked to heal all year. 

Let's not do that this year! 

So I am creating a series specifically for you to stay plugged in to inspiring people who are also on a healing journey of transformation and discovering what their unique purpose is. 

I will be holding a FREE weekly group coaching call where we will keep each other accountable during the summer months to stay in alignment with truth, work through upsets that may be coming up, and keep on track in our businesses. And most importantly to have FUN!! 

This is for you if:

-You get off track during the summer and want accountability 

-You are ready to work through trauma and limited beliefs that are keeping stuck 

-You are ready to start living fully and authentically in your truth

-You desire to gain clarity around what your purpose is 

-Eliminate self doubt 

-You are ready to start taking bold action

-You desire to find a deep compassion and love for yourself 

-You want deep connection with other people who are making an impact in the world

-You do not want to go into the Fall feeling distracted, triggered and disconnected

Summer doesn't have to be a time of feeling overwhelmed: 

-Imagine if you could go into next year feeling empowered and ready to launch your program.

-Imagine if you stayed in your power this summer and didn't yell at your children (because let's be honest it's not easy having them home)

-Imagine if you could build a deeper more meaningful relationship with your partner during these busy months

-Imagine if you healed trauma and started fully loving who YOU are!! Unconditionally

-Imagine if summer was full of  CONNECTION, TRANSFORMATION & TRUTH! 

It's all possible but it will take you staying fully connected to community, learning tools to stay in your power and committed to your truth.

Are you ready to join us this summer?!

What we will be offering:

During this time together I will be holding a small intimate group coaching call where you can show up 100% authentically where you are in all your mess or in all of your empowered self. Wherever you are on your journey you are welcome. 

I will be inviting in experts from all different spaces and from all over the world:

health, wealth and business, trauma healing, sexuality, transformation, relationship and so on. I do not want to do this alone and I never want to be your only teacher!

If you are interested in being featured as an expert please fill out this application. (Men & Women are welcome to apply) 

Are you ready? Let's do this together. I am honored to be your guide this summer and beyond. You are only a reflection to me and me only a reflection to you. When we rise together we can make a HUGE impact in the world! AS ONE!

Please register below so you can stay in the loop of who will be featured each week and how to join us live on Zoom. 


See you on June 20th


With Love & Gratitude,

Nicolle Star 

Register Here!  

Are you ready for the best summer ever! Connection-Transformation-Truth

When you register check your email (spam) for the Zoom link to join! 

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Thanks for registering. See you there!



Nicolle is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, transformational coach specializing in helping you to heal trauma and release limited beliefs that are keeping you stuck. She is a best selling author, certified life and business coach as well as a single mom to 2 beautiful boys.


By healing trauma and reprograming the subconscious mind you are able to get to the root cause of what is causing you to stay stuck in the same toxic patterns, relationships and making decisions from a place of learned behaviors as a child. 

This is the greatest work to be done in this lifetime!