20 Ways to Simplify Your Life

self care Nov 21, 2020

Simplicity should be my middle name! It truly has become a way of life for me after years and years of feeling overrun and burnt out at work, with my family and in my own body. 

In 2017 I was in a complete state of chaos after getting a divorce and becoming a full time single mom to very young children. I was doing it all- running a business, taking them to school and activities, making lunches, doing bath time/ bedtime and everything in between, alone. I was fried and in total stress and overwhelm all the time. I knew that something had to give otherwise I was going to crack and the people who would suffer the most would be my family. 


So I made a decision that my word for 2018 would be SIMPLICITY and I was fully committed to this. I began researching and looking at where I could simplify and bring more ease and flow into my life. 

Now 2 years later I have never felt more in alignment with Spirit and I am manifesting the things I truly desire. I have learned to deal with overwhelm and understand that being in overwhelm is not truth but rather a belief that I was carrying around with me. I had to dig deep and uncover why I always felt this way and what I learned was that this is the social conditioning that most of us have agreed to. The busier we are the more "valuable we are to others. But this is a huge mis-truth, in fact a lie. We need to reprogram that part of our belief system and change our thoughts around this. Remember our beliefs and our thoughts are what create our reality. 

Simplifying your life is about focusing on what’s important to you. It’s about finding easier ways to do the things that you have to do and giving yourself more wriggle room for the things you want to do.

But just as a side note simple doesn't always mean easy! You still have to show up and make sure that whatever it is that you are focusing on gets done. 

So here's what I have put together and what has worked in simplifying my life. 

20 Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Create a Daily Spiritual Practice

I put this one first because I believe that having a daily spiritual practice is a crucial part of simplifying your life. What I mean is that when you can implement time in the day just for you, to meditate, to journal, do yoga, drink a cup of tea before the house wakes up, read or whatever feels in alignment for you to connect with Spirit I think it is one of the best ways for you to start the journey of just slowing down and taking a breath, allowing things around you to rest and not be in the doing mode just for the moment. Imagine how good this would feel to actually listen to what your soul actually needs and be able to tend those for the day. AHHHH can you already feel your body relaxing! 

2. Clear Out the Clutter in Your Home

Yes I mean you! This was a huge one for me. Before we moved into a bigger home our house was a huge mess with so much clutter! it was intense. Every closet was full, all the bathroom cabinets and under the sink was crammed with stuff I didn't need! read that again! The kids room was full of toys they never use and my "office" was now a place to store clean laundry that I wasn't inspired to fold and I hated cooking because the kitchen table became the kids spot to put all of their stuff when they came inside. I felt like I was drowning all the time in clutter and mess. Living this way can cause you to be in a state of being uninspired and feeling overwhelmed. Start by going through closets and donating all the clothes, shoes, purses you don't use (6 month rule) Next the kids room donate everything they no longer use or have outgrown and so on through the whole house. Under the sink I know you have old makeup, cleansers, little shampoos that you holding onto for "one day" I 'll use it. DUMP IT! Be a bit strict with yourself and I promise by clearing the clutter in your house you will also clear the clutter in your head. 

3. Your Meals

I used to think this was crazy, like who has time to spend a Sunday prepping food for the week...not this mom! But guess what this one is such a big help. Spend one day looking at your week and plan out what the meals will be according to your schedule. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for each family member. You can even pre pack lunches to take to work. Plan to use leftovers to make it super easy. What I have found is that the more I can plan the less time it takes me thinking about what to make. Also I started using Instacart for food delivery and I don't think I will ever go back to shopping in the stores. It saves me so much time. Also another huge time saver is investing in a Crockpot or an Instapot. These two I love because you can set it and forget it. And don't feel bad about making one night Pizza night! Friday is our day with a movie. 

4. Your Clothes

Why make another decision first thing in the morning! Clean the clutter out of the closet and streamline your wardrobe to a few go to outfits. Now that we are spending much more time at home get some comfy leggings, I just bought 4 pairs of my favorite black ones, and get a few cute tops that if you need to be on Zoom look good. Lay these out the night before, even underwear and socks. Do the same with the kids. I have found with kids it's actually so much less stressful to have an abundance of underwear and socks so you aren't searching for them in the morning. 

5. Start Saying NO more often

It's okay to say no to things that you don't want to do. When someone asks you to do something and it's not a HELL YES then simply say no. It may not be a no forever but for today it is and don't feel guilty about it. Remember for every yes you give out you are saying no to something else, and that could be precious time with the ones you love. 

6. Your Priorities Come First

Most of have a crazy busy life and many things that we need to tend to like bills, family and friends and just the demands of life. This really leaves us no time for anything else. Which is why it is so important to prioritize what is most important to you now. Simplifying your priorities means that you get to assess what is really important to you today, next week, 6 months from now etc so that life doesn't choose for you. Sit down and journal about what is it that you really want to create in your life, who do you desire to become, what do you desire to do. Get crystal clear on those things and focus on them, letting the other things go, (for now anyways). We are taught that everything is urgent right now! but it's not. The only thing that matters is what needs to be done in this moment to get you closer to what you truly desire. This book helped me gain clarity around choosing ONE thing and focusing on that, it has completely changed my life. 

7. Your Mornings

Create a morning routine and stick with it. I started waking up a bit earlier everyday and spent that time doing things that were hard to do with the kids around. I read this book and started to understand how important it is to wake up early and how successful people use these morning hours to create the most productive part of their day. There is nothing like the early morning hours when it is still and quiet to get things done. This is precious time for me to have my tea, journal, meditate, exercise and answer messages and emails that are waiting for me. It is the perfect time to set intentions for the day as well. The first hour of the day sets the tone for the day so use it wisely. As the say the early bird catches the worm, and it's true.

8. Your evenings

The same as mornings. Create a routine for yourself and stick to it. Try and go to bed at the same time every night and wake at the same time. Set things out the night before and make a plan for the next day. Chose activities that are restful, maybe diffuse some lavender oil or light your favorite candle and journal. Whatever helps you to relax and sleep well. 

9. Declutter Your Relationships

Yep! It's time. This is something that can hard for most people but the reality is that the people you want to hang out with are the ones who desire similar things as you. So for me I am all about raising my consciousness and expansion. If the people I am around are unmotivated or are content with living in their own shit, then they are not my people. I have had to let go of toxic relationships, with friends, and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. When I let them go my whole life exploded and became rich with abundance in all areas of my life. I no longer allowed people to make me feel small and started to only surround myself by people who led with love and truth. Take a look around and see who are th 5 people you hang out with the most and are they the ones who inspire you...It doesn't mean you have to be rude just slowly start to say no and see how fast they dissipate as they are not serving you in this moment of your life. With family it can be hard but setting boundaries with toxic family members is super important as well. Focus your time on the ones who nurture and fill you up.

10. Build a Relationship With Your Bank Account

All of life is a relationship, including money. I used to be terrified to open my bank account and look at what I had spent and how much money...I didn't have. But once I learned that money is a relationship like all other things it changed. I began to look at my account daily and see where money was going out and coming in and just being accountable for it. I set up all of my bills on auto pay so it was one less thing to think about each month. When you build a relationship with money watch your finances grow and expand...awareness is the first step.

11. Close all subscription accounts

To piggy back on money, go through your bank statement and see where you have old subscriptions that you aren't using anymore or that you forgot about. Start clearing out the clutter and streamline everything. I was shocked at how much money I saved by doing this. 

12. Unsubscribe From Emails

Ughhh can you relate? OMG the amount of emails I get on a daily is ridiculous. I don't even open them most of the time. So what I started doing is when they came in I hit unsubscribe immediately so I don't forget. You can also search the name and delete them all from your email in one swoop. 

13. Let Go of Things That Don't Bring You Joy

You will hear me talk about joy a lot because it's important for your growth. When we are in a state of manifesting what we truly want it comes from a place of feeling joy. If things in your life are not bringing you joy and only bringing you down then dump it. In order to start living your dream life you must get clarity around what brings you joy and follow that bliss. I invite you to write down 10 things that bring you joy and start implementing those into your life daily. This can be as simple as a morning cup of tea, a daily walk, journaling, dancing, singing etc. One of mine is when my kids come down in the morning and crawl in my lap to get their morning snuggle. I would not trade that for anything and it sets me up for the day. 

14. Outsource Outsource Outsource

This is no joke! I am very serious about this one lol. It's actually a new thing for me and wow what a difference my life is now that I have decided to outsource things that someone else can do. Now I get it not everyone can do this but try and find work arounds if you can. If you are an entrepreneur hire a VA (virtual assistant), have someone build your website if you can only do the things that bring you joy and that you are most productive at and leave the other things to the professionals. Some of the things I have done lately is I hired a housekeeper and that has been a game changer for me. That is an extra 3 hours a week with my kids or working, whatever I choose. I also started using Instacart for groceries, saves me another 3 hours a week to do as I wish. I have friends who use food delivery services or have hired a chef to prepare meals for the week (this actually saves many people money), hire a babysitter to watch your children so you can have extra time, ask a family member for help and so on. Do what you can to ask for help and outsource as much as possible. 

15. Declutter Your Mind

This is a really important one to pay attention to. We have so much "stuff" crammed in our brain on what needs to be done and it can be overwhelming. Take some time to brain dump all of the things on your to-do list and prioritize them. Sit quietly in meditation and listen with nothing coming in. It is important to allow yourself to just be and not have the monkey brain all the time. Read the ONE THING book it will help with this part. 

 16. Turn Off the TV

This is no brainer. The more you can turn off the tv and focus on what is most important the more productive you will be and this will reduce the overwhelm.  

17. Self Care

I mean this seems obvious right! We here it over and over again in the news and social media. SELF CARE SELF CARE! but what does it really mean? Well it's different for everyone. Foe you it may me going to a movie by yourself or taking a bath with no children. Or maybe it's waking up before the house and having a cup of coffee and meditating. Exercise, eating well, having fun, having more orgasms, dancing, getting your hair/nails done, sleeping in and so on. It can be a simple thing or a big thing but its just what feels good for you. It's that moment in the day where you can just take a breathe and be totally present and relaxed. 

18. Clear Your Calendar

Look at your calendar and decide what are the most important things for you to attend or take care of. I was in the mode of scheduling Zoom call after Zoom call until I realized that I was getting burned out. Now I only schedule things for work Mon-Thur for work and leave the weekends free to do what I WANT, rather than doing what everyone else needs me to do. Saying no ti the things you don't want and yes to what you really want is the greatest power you have. You get to make the rules and if you are feeling overwhelmed or like you have "no time" clear your schedule. ALL of it is not urgent or a priority... I promise you. 

19. Set Intentional Goals

Be mindful of the goals that you are setting for yourself. Are the too grandiose and then if you don't accomplish it you then feel like a failure. Make your goals intentional and tangible. Things that you know you can complete so you can celebrate and then move to the next thing. When you set an intention take inspired action everyday until it is finished, be intentional in every decision you make. There are your long term goals and short term goals so make sure you know what is the priority and do that first. When setting long term goals be intentional about your short ones also. Are they getting you closer to what you ultimately want. Make sense?

20. Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

This may be one of the most important parts of life in general. We create our own reality! Yes everything you see right now in front of you is a creation of you mind in form. The good and the bad. This is extremely powerful and also can be a bit scary taking full responsibility for what we create. Knowing this what do you need to change in your thought process and in your belief system so you can manifest what you truly desire? Thoughts are EVERYTHING! and when you can start to understand that the stories you are telling yourself are just stories and not truth you will be FREE which simplifies all. 

21. Do Your Trauma Work

YES YES YES I can not say this enough. Doing your own deep work and understanding who you are and healing old trauma and patterns is so powerful and I believe the beginning of total transformation. Please reach out if you are ready to heal in all areas of life.

With love and gratitude,

Nicolle xoxo


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