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I am Nicolle Star- intuitive Business coach that works with soul aligned women entrepreneurs. If you would like to learn more about how I can serve you in your business or life schedule a 15 min discovery call with me today. 

In this call I will help you uncover what is holding you back and how we move forward from here. It's time to start living the lifestyle you truly desire


Discovery Call


These three aspects of life are what shape our purpose. In the Sisterhood we will discuss all aspects of these to help you build a soul centered business and live an aligned lifestyle.


*Break through limiting beliefs 

*Step out of fear into FREEDOM

*Change your story

*Increase your visibility online

*Create aligned daily habits 

*Launch the business of your dreams


*Self care rituals

*Self love

*Giving yourself permission 


*Healthy eating


*Soul Goals


*Getting aligned with what you truly desire

*Learning to listen to your intuition 

*Live your TRUTH

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Join me for a Facebook Live or on Instagram where I share with you my most personal stories, Nicolle's Truth where I go deep into our soul's truth and give tips on business. You can ask questions and become a part of the Sisterhood. 

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Love Notes From Nicolle

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"I’ve been working with Nicolle for just over a year now. I have learnt so much about my business and my personal growth. Nicolle always takes that extra time to get to know you giving a personal touch. Nicolle is an inspiration and an amazing mentor."


"Working with Nicolle has changed my perspective about my business. She is so passionate, and it shows by her wealth of knowledge. She will listen to you and explain in a manner that it is so easy to apply to your business. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and have a mentor that will listen and work with you, don’t wait contact Nicolle. I am glad I did!"


"I have loved working with Nicolle. She’s a straight shooter and always calls me out on my own BS. She has helped me in so many ways and she’s super smart when it comes to the technical aspect of setting up systems, funnels, etc. She is an amazing leader and definitely has had a positive influence on my business."

Network Marketing Professional

"I am following Nicolle for some time now. And I always felt such a great energy from her. So, recently i contact her... and she is really an angel! She is always there for you and your business. She is always willing to help.I am glad I contact her. I hope I will meet her in real one day too. Nicolle, tnx for everything!"


Work With Me:

You know you are meant for more sister or you wouldn't be here. 

If you are ready to take the quantum leap into your desired life let's do it together. 

You have magic inside of you we just need to nurture the Goddess within  and awaken her. 

Our most potent power is what our soul is being called to do. It is time that you step fully up and into your soul's path and unleash the wild woman inside. 

Let's rise together! 💕


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